Action Learning

Our Approach: Action Learning for Sustainability Leadership

The central purpose of CIFAL Flanders is to develop and strengthen human capacities to better respond to development challenges.

CIFAL Flanders relies on an Action Learning approach that aims to:

  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge, experiences and best practices amongst government officials, private sector and civil society leaders
  • Enhance capabilities to effectively perform relevant tasks
  • Encourage cooperation and the development of multi-stakeholder partnerships

At CIFAL Flanders, every Action Learning for Sustainability Leadership begins with:

  • The theoretical frame
  • A period of strategic questioning of the problem
  • Action items and goals
  • Analyzing and reflection

Training Portfolio Agenda 2030 & the 17 SDGs

CIFAL Flanders offers customized trainings for authorities, directors and staff of governments and local authorities, businesses, academia, trade unions, ngos and civil society, of minimal one hour and maximum half a day. You can choose between lectures, basic workshops and advanced workshops.

Via our newsletter you will learn everything about our open training offer under which the action learning days, online courses, action learning platforms, international seminaries en master classes.

Training offer other UN-declarations

CIFAL Flanders also offers trainings on following declarations and principles of the United Nations;

  • Habitat III (New Urban Agenda 2016)
  • Paris Declaration (Agreement on Climate Change)
  • UN Global Compact (10 Principles)
  • Business & Human Rights (Ruggie Framework)

International UNITAR online courses

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