The certification mentioned on this page refers to the grant of a UNITAR Certificate of Completion and is done so on an organisational level. Individuals can receive a UNITAR Certification of Participation through the successful finalization of our  SDG Masterclass and/or  SDG Bootcamp. Read more about the difference between the two certificates  here.

Awardees of a UNITAR Training Certificate

When a partner has successfully completed a phase of our  SDG Training Trajectory , we award them a UNITAR Training Certificate. CIFAL Flanders is the only organisation in Northwestern Europe mandated to issue these certificates. Through  our partnership with Voka , we also award certificates to organisations who participate in Voka’s Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Voka Charter voor Duurzaam Ondernemen). Through our partnership with IDEA Consult and VVSG -which launched in 2021- we will also be awarding cities and municipalities a certificate for completing this trajectory. Already over one hundred organisations have received a certificate for completing the SDG Pioneer Trajectory.

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