Project Development

As a recognised centre of expertise, we have a lot of experience in co-creating SDG projects such as books, articles, booklets, games, charters, events etc. We can guide you or your organisation and provide assistance in giving and structuring information about the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs and collaborate in the development in SDG-related projects. It is also possible to financially support projects of CIFAL Flanders in return for exposure of your brand/logo in our external communication.

CIFAL Flanders co-created with AWEX this guide to guide organizations towards their sustainable transition.

Together with Flanders Investment & Trade, CIFAL Flanders developed a guideline for international business to get started with the UN SDGs and to strengthen their business strategy.

CIFAL Flanders has published many publications such as guides, workbooks, brochures… in cooperation with several partners. Find out more here.

CIFAL Flanders is co-organisator of the SDG-Forum. The conference is the first and biggest multi-stakeholder forum on the SDGs in the Benelux.

CIFAL Flanders is partner of SDG Spankracht. An SDG day bringing local actors together for sustainable development.

Hands-on Inclusion wants to make an inclusive labor market with diverse talents the new normal. CIFAL Flanders is partner and organizes workshops about “how SDG-Proof is inclusion?”.

A tool for SMEs to work on their sustainability policy. CIFAL Flanders translated the tool together with AWDC for the diamond sector (SustaDiamond) and together with Flanders Investment & Trade for the international trade sector (SustaTrade). More information soon.

University of Antwerp, UCLouvain and Antwerp Management School research how Belgian organizations apply the SDGs in their organization. CIFAL Flanders is partner and also contributes to the follow-up study. A new edition will be launched in 2022.

Together with Institute of Registered Auditors (IBR-IRE) and other partners, we want to highlight Belgian organizations that publish information on their activities which makes a difference in terms of Environment, Social and Governance disclosure.

Together with Voka and MVO-Vlaanderen, we created a guide and workshops to help organisations take the next step towards sustainable entrepreneurship.