SDG Coaching

CIFAL Flanders offers long-term SDG training trajectories to guide organisations to align their sustainability policies with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Apart from following a SDG Training and Implementation trajectory directly with CIFAL Flanders (open to all kind of organisations, profit and non-profit), we have also teamed up with partner organisations to design custom-made SDG coaching trajectories. Find out more about these different trajectories below.

Our SDG Training Trajectory consists of three consecutive phases: from SDG Pioneer, through SDG Champion, to SDG Ambassador.

Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO), a collaboration between CIFAL Flanders and Voka

Certification en développement durable en Wallonie, a cooperation between CIFAL Flanders and CCI Wallonie with the support of Voka

SDG Pioneer Programme for Flemish Cities and Town in collaboration with CIFAL Flanders, VVSG and IDEA Consult

SDG Bootcamps, a cooperation between CIFAL Flanders and Verso

SDG Koplopersprogramma in collaboration with CIFAL Flanders, IDEA Consult and Kenniscentrum WWZ