SDG Workshop


Learn more about sustainability initiatives and how to use Agenda 2030 as a holistic assessment framework for your organisations’ action plan. By using the Action Learning methodology as our central approach, we want to develop and strengthen your capacities to better respond to development challenges. Focusing on ‘learning’ in your work environment, we aim at generating knowledge and best practices to your specific context. By creating knowledge and building capacities locally we contribute to the realisation of the global goals (SDGs).


  • Build capacity for 2030 Agenda and the UN SDGs
  • Learn how to become SDG-proof with CIFAL Flanders’ SDG Training Manual and exercises
  • Get to know good practices about the SDGs and the 5Ps
  • Understand how Agenda 2030 and the SDGs apply to you and your business/organisation
  • Understand the holistic nature of Sustainable Development and the importance of applying the framework of ‘strong sustainability’ to the UN SDGs


Governments, academia, NGOs & civil society, trade unions, businesses, media etc.


3 hours