SDG Bootcamp


Become an SDG ambassador for your own organisation. Learn how to use the SDG Training Manual, including a large variety of exercises, to create awareness for- and implement the SDGs in your business process.


  • Understand Agenda 2030 & SDGs (and the link with ISO 26000)
  • Understand the 5 pillars of strong sustainability
  • Build in-depth knowledge about the SDGs, with a special focus on the dimensions of SDG 16 and SDG 17 as transversal principles of the Agenda
  • Learn how to use the SDG wheel as an ‘assessment tool’ for sustainability strategies, actions, initiatives
  • Understand the different steps in the SDG implementation process and learn which exercises support these steps


Governments, academia, NGOs & civil society, trade unions, businesses, media…


4 sessions of 180 min. + homework