SDG Pioneer

This is the first step of the CIFAL Flanders Training Trajectory to become SDG-proof. This step focuses on the integration of the SDGs transversally throughout your organisation, representing an outside-in approach. The completion of the SGD Pioneer phase usually requires 1 to 3 years.

Some of the learning objectives for SDG Pioneers:

    • understanding the 5 Ps, 17 SDGs and the 169 targets of the Agenda 2030;
    • understanding the holistic approach of the SDGs;
    • understanding the business case for the SDGs;
    • defining the lead SDG(s) of your organisation.

Some deliverables expected from SDG Pioneers:

    • the appointment of an internal SDG taskforce and SPOC;
    • a purpose (mission) and vision which reflect a commitment to sustainable development;
    • an SDG impact assessment;
    • an SDG action plan with S.M.A.R.T objectives.