SDG Advanced Lecture


An advanced training means delving deeper into certain topics by linking them to the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs. Some examples of subjects to be tackled during this advanced training:

  • Green Deal: a new and sustainable growth strategy for Europe
  • Business & Human rights: explore your company’s influence on human rights
  • New ways of working
  • EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
  • Sustainability Reporting & Integrated Reporting and indicators
  • Communication
  • Sustainable Business Models

Depending on your personal need and objectives, we develop a tailor-made advanced training.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn more about Agenda 2030 & the SDGs in detail
  • Gain more in-depth knowledge and expertise on a specific topic included in or related to the 2030 Agenda (specific SDGs, SDGs & Human Rights, the Green Deals, Sustainable Business Models…) For example:
    • Green Deal:
      • Understand the link between the SDGs and the EU Green Deal and how to use the SDGs as a holistic assessment framework for the implementation of the EU Green Deal in the local context (organisations, companies, NGOs…)
      • Learn how to integrate the ambition level of the EU Green Deal into your SDG Action Plan
      • Learn how the EU Green Deal may affect your organisation
      • Understand how your organisation can prepare for and adapt to a green European transition
    • Business & Human Rights:
      • Understand the link between the SDGs and the most important human rights frameworks, like the Ruggie framework, UN Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights…
      • Learn how to conduct human rights due diligence, applied to you and your organisation
  • Understand the links between this specific topic and the broader picture of the Agenda 2030/UN objectives

Target Audience

Governments, academia, NGOs & civil society, trade unions, businesses, media…


To be discussed