Sustainable Development Goals, Stadhuis Antwerpen Peter Wollaert, Cifal, Unitar Ludo Van Campenhout, Jan Beyne, Betty De Wachter, Gert Vandermosten, Davor Meersman, Eric De Deckere Peter Wollaert
Managing Director
Phone: +32 3 338 67 20
Linne Van den Brande
Project Manager
Phone: +32 3 338 37 17
Grim Junes
Project Manager
Phone: +32 3 338 66 47
Mathilde Van Caeckenbergh                 
Project Manager
Phone: +32 3 338 25 23


CIFAL Flanders is currently looking for two new trainees to assist with the organisation’s training activities and services.

Intern training methodology development
Intern Project Manager Q1 2019

The traineeships offer a learning opportunity  for those who are interested in Sustainable Development, CSR and UN Goals and Mandates as well as in dealing with companies, government and stakeholders relations.

Spontaneous sollicitations for a traineeship with the Flemish Trainee Programme are welcome at