Our team

Peter Wollaert

Managing Director

peter.wollaert @ cifal-flanders.org

Mathilde Van Caeckenbergh

Operations Manager

mathilde.vancaeckenbergh @ cifal-flanders.org

Maya De Deyn

Trainer & Project Manager

maya.dedeyn @ cifal-flanders.org

Marijke Janssens

Trainer & Project Manager

marijke.janssens @ cifal-flanders.org

Leen de Ruck

Trainee Project Manager

leen.deruck @ cifal-flanders.org 

Marie Kenis

Trainee Project Manager

marie.kenis @ cifal-flanders.org

Jana Vanderkelen 

Trainee Project Manager

jana.vanderkelen @ cifal-flanders.org

Katrien Mertens

Trainee Project Manager

katrien.mertens@ cifal-flanders.org

Flanders Trainee Programme

Are you passionate about sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and the SDGs and the workings of the UN? Do you want to translate this passion into the creation of trainings and projects or communication strategies? Then you are what we are looking for!

CIFAL Flanders is recruiting new Project Manager Trainees and Communications Trainees to join our team for a period of 6 months.

You can apply at any time. Click here for more information about the content of the traineeship and the selection procedure.