Start-to-SDG Package


The Start-to-SDG package combines two of our essential trainings: the SDG Basic Lecture and the SDG Workshop. This combination package is ideal for organisations searching for the basic information needed to kick-start their sustainability strategy.

The trainings can be in Dutch, English, or French.

These trainings can be delivered at your location (in-house) or online.

The duration of the training sessions is tailored to your organisation’s time and preference.


Open to all actors in society: businesses, public institutions, academia, non-profit, civil society, etc.


Fill in our  training request form and we will get back to you with an offer.


Session 1: SDG Basic Lecture

  • Understand the themes covered by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the translation of the global Agenda to local actors
  • Recognise the link between sustainable development, corporate good governance (business ethics) and human rights
  • Acknowledge the responsibility of organisations to act for sustainable development, as well as the opportunities working with the SDGs brings along (business case)

Session 2: SDG Workshop

  • Understand the integrated and indivisible nature of the SDGs and how they relate to your organisation
  • Learn how to work with the SDG Spiderweb, a self-assessment tool to assess the impact of your organisation, its projects and/or other initiatives
  • Discover how your organisation negatively and/or positively impacts the SDGs and be better equipped to prioritise actions ahead