SDG Masterclass (in English, Dutch and French)


The SDG Masterclass helps you to set up an effective SDG action plan, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, and to actively address sustainability issues.

Each session is moderated by Peter Wollaert or Marijke Janssens, with external speakers depending on the topic.

Throughout the Sessions the CIFAL’s ‘Action Learning Methodology’ and the associated 6 working fields , which were developed in in collaboration with UNITAR, are applied. 

The SDG Training Manual is used as roadmap for the implementation.

The Masterclass can be in Dutch, English, or French depending on the target audience.

The 4 sessions take place in a hybrid format (in-person and online).


  • Use the SDGs as a sustainability framework for your organisation and setting up and SDG action plan to address the business case
  • Apply the principles of social responsibility
  • Adopt a holistic view of sustainability using the SDG wheel and understand the links between sustainable development, peace, partnership, ethics, good governance and human rights
  • Each session has its own learning objectives as shown below


Open to all actors in society: businesses, public institutions, academia, non-profit, civil society, etc.


Check out our training agenda , contact us or register as interested via this form .


  • To reflect on global challenges with local impact and to identify which ones are relevant to your own organisation
  • To apply the concept of sustainability to your own organisation
  • The basic principles of the 2030 Agenda, the 5 Ps and the 17 SDGs
  • The added value of the SDGs as a ‘business case’


  • To present your own organisation using the 5 Ps
  • To determine the lead and core SDGs for your organisation
  • To identify the blind spots of your organisation
  • To link existing actions/initiatives/projects to the SDGs using the SDG Wheel (assessment tool)
  • About the link between the SDGs and sustainability reporting (SDG communication) with an expert in the field


  • How to put transition management into practice
  • To develop your SDG action plan
  • To set SMART and AMORE objectives for your organisation’s lead and core SDGs
  • Get acquainted with indicators and measurement tools for monitoring your SDG action plan


  • To make the link between the SDGs and human rights as well as the link between sustainability and (1) peace and security, (2) business ethics, and (3) good governance policies
  • How to address ethical entrepreneurship with an expert in the field
  • To translate SDG 17 to your own organisation via experience exchanges.
  • To make exercises on SDG 16 using the SDG Training Manual