SDG Training Portfolio

Depending on the learning objectives, target audience, and duration, CIFAL Flanders offers you and your organisation a tailor-made training. These can take the form of an in-company training, seminars, workshops, e-learnings, guest lectures, and public lectures. 

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Our first SDG Summer Academy took place at Irish College in Leuven on 24 August 2023. We had the privilege to welcome 80+ multistakeholder participants and 20+ prominent and influential speakers. The day was filled with an interesting keynote on system change, 4 panel debates, and 6 interactive workshops. 

Set up an SDG action plan, learn how to holistically integrate the SDGs in your organisation, and understand the importance of and impact on human rights in 4 intersectoral masterclass sessions.

Build in-depth knowledge of the SDGs (especially 16 and 17), learn to use specific self-assessment tools to work with the SDGs, and gain insight into how to implement sustainability in your strategy and day-to-day operations in 4-5 sessions tailored for a specific sector.

Interested in what exactly the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development entails? What the link is between sustainable development and human rights? Or how organisations can contribute? Then this keynote is for you!

Learn how to use the SDG Spiderweb as a self-assessment tool and discover how you or your organisation positively or negatively impacts the realisation of the different SDGs.

Unsure whether you want to learn more about the basics in our SDG Keynote, or to actually have a practical exercise on the SDGs? Or do you just want to follow both? Then this combination package is for you, combining the SDG Keynote and Start-To-SDG Package.

Going deeper than the SDG Keynote, these sessions focus on specific topics related to the UN 2030 Agenda. Learning objectives are to be determined case by case and on demand. Prior sessions account for human rights and business, energy, sustainability reporting, etc.

SDG Bootcamps specifically tailed to social enterprises, a cooperation between CIFAL Flanders and Verso.

SDG Koplopersprogramma for social welfare organisations in Brussels in collaboration with CIFAL Flanders, IDEA Consult, and Kenniscentrum WWZ.

Action Learning Day

A sustainability day packed with SDG news, hot topics, and influential keynotes. A deep dive into practice, theory, and everything in between. Prior editions addressed the diamond sector, Port of Antwerp, and Fair Trade. Looking for a day full of emersion in the sustainable landscape, then this is surely a great match!

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This micro degree in Dutch, a collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Ghent (HOGENT) and CIFAL Flanders, prepares you to become a sustainability coach. With this specialisation track, you will acquire a thorough knowledge of working with the SDGs and of the tools needed to strengthen the sustainability process in an organisation.

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