PCA stands for SDG Pioneer , SDG Champion, and SDG Ambassador. They reflect three levels of ambition in our PCA2030 Trajectory for realizing the SDGs.

2030 refers to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.

Trajectory concerns the path on which organisations embark to learn, implement and communicate on the SDGs. Each ambition level is rewarded by a UNITAR certificate of completion.

Raising the bar for sustainable development

Every organisation already touches upon elements of sustainability. However, sometimes organisations need a push to raise their level of ambition in line with the SDGs. The goal of the PCA2030 Trajectory is to offer your organisation the tools needed to:

  • Raise your organisation’s sustainable ambitions;
  • Become a co-creator of a sustainable future;
  • Contribute to the realisation of the Agenda 2030;
  • Create a strategy for a time-resilient organisation backed by sustainable considerations and SDGs;
  • Account for the implementation of an outside-in approach based on the Agenda 2030.

Who can join?

The trajectory is meant for all actors in society (governmental institutions, micro, small, medium and multinational enterprises, higher education institutions, civil society organisations, etc.).

The PCA2030 Trajectory can be joined as:

  1. A partner of CIFAL Flanders’ SDG Learning Network
  2. In Belgium
  3. In alliance with Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen (VCDO) for Flemish enterprises
  4. In alliance with CCIW’s programme to obtain the certificat CCI Wallonie en développement durable for Walloon enterprises
  5. In cooperation with IDEA Consult in their Pioneerprogramme for Flemish local governments

What to expect?

Each phase of the PCA2030 Trajectory requires a higher level of ambition in realising the SDGs: from strategic implementation (Pioneer) through transition (Champion) to a human rights approach of sustainable development (Ambassador).

For each phase, there is a checklist of tasks to be completed. Those are clustered around 6 working areas: learning, organising, formulating, implementing, evaluating and communicating:

During each stage of the PCA2030 Trajectory, the level of ambition increases as well as the scope of impact, going from internal organisation to community-level impact towards supporting the SDGs on a global scale:

Obtaining the UNITAR Certificate of Completion?

Integrating sustainability in a strategic way in your organisation based on the SDGs takes time. The PCA2030 Trajectory usually takes place over the course of 6 years, whereby each phase takes around 2 years to complete. At the end of each phase, an external expert jury will judge on the fulfillment of the criteria for each phase. The realisation of each ambition level is rewarded with a unique  UNITAR training certificate (Pioneer, Champion, Ambassador) which is valid for 3 years.

What is the cost of the PCA2030 Trajectory?

The price setting is differentiated based upon the type of organisation joining this trajectory.

If you are interested in entering the PCA2030 Trajectory or would like to receive more information on the pricing or the trajectory itself, please do not hesitate to  contact us.