On 7 May, Brussels, Belgium – Peter Wollaert, Managing Director of CIFAL Flanders, and Charlene Pétillon, Project Manager Trainee, held a workshop on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the Brussels Airport Company. This workshop provided valuable insights and fostered constructive dialogue on how to incorporate the SDGs into their company.

Currently recognised as SDG Champions, the Brussels Airport Company follows the PCA2030 Trajectory and aims to reach the SDG Ambassador level. One of the key working fields in this trajectory is the “Learn” area, which emphasises internal capacity building, raising SDG and ESG awareness, and participating in external conferences, workshops, symposia, etc. This workshop, like many others conducted on their journey toward becoming a more sustainable company, aligned with the “Learn” objective. It ensured that employees better understood sustainable development principles and how to integrate these goals across each department.