IDEA Consult released the updated SDG Monitor 2024, a significant advancement in their ongoing initiative to support sustainable development. This tool first launched in 2020, has been refined over the years with the support of UNU-CRIS to aid all 300 Flemish cities and municipalities in tracking and enhancing their sustainability.

The SDG Monitor 2024 has several exciting updates designed to make sustainability monitoring more effective and insightful. The new version features comprehensive ratings that allow users to see how local governments or organisations stack up against each Sustainable Development Goal. It also introduces a refreshed interface, faster processing capabilities, and innovative SDG performance quadrants that identify areas of excellence and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Additionally, the tool offers deeper insights with its updated data and interactive features, enabling users to evaluate the impact of past policies and more accurately plan future strategies.

Those interested in exploring the capabilities of the SDG Monitor 2024 can visit here. For more information about the tool and its applications, visit IDEA Consult’s page here and learn about local government performance here.