Cover 'Sustainable Development Report 2019'‘Transformations to Achieve the SDGs’ is the 2019 edition of the Sustainable Development Report, prepared by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and teams of independent experts at the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). The annual stocktaking of progress towards the realisation of Agenda 2030 focuses on the deep transformations needed to ensure SDG achievement for all UN member states.

“The Sustainable Development Report 2019 calls for six major transformations in every country to address skills and jobs, health, clean energy, biodiversity and land use, cities, and digital technology. All countries have a big job ahead to create SDG roadmaps and strategies for success.” says Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of UNSDSN.

With an index score of 78.9 Belgium scores slightly worse than last year and drops 4 places since 2018. It ranks 16th of 162 assessed countries. While Agenda 2030 should always be interpreted as a whole, the assessment makes it clear that our country will need to make extra efforts for SDGs 12 (Responsible consumption and production), 13 (Climate action) and 14 (Life below water).

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