International CSR Handbook

On June 13, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) and CIFAL Flanders launched the ‘International CSR Handbook – start with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to strengthen your company’s strategy’ (in Dutch), with the support of MVO Vlaanderen and co-financed by the Flemish government, commissioned by the Flemish deputy prime minister. This handbook serves as a guide for international businesses, to critically screen and strengthen their strategy in order to be more sustainable and is part of the FIT book series on international business. The first part of the handbook introduces and emphasises some important issues regarding corporate social responsibility. The second part translates the Sustainable Development Goals to business management by providing tools, exercises and practical examples. Since the handbook serves as a practical guideline, it provides space to make notes and is accompanied by several worksheets.

Book presentation

Claire Tillekaerts, head of FIT and Peter Wollaert, our managing director, officially presented the handbook to the public at the export fair in Brussels.

“Corporate social responsibility doesn’t end at the national borders. Especially companies with foreign subsidiaries face ethical dilemmas such as environmental and social affairs.”


After the book presentation, Peter Wollaert conducted the workshop ‘how can the SDGs strengthen your international business strategy’. The core message of the workshop was that when doing business internationally, you can encounter actors or partners who violate human rights or harm the environment with their activities. By using the SDGs as a moral compass, these risks can be minimised. The workshop followed the structure of the handbook  to show its practical usage.

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