Representatives from 25 leading organisations and companies at the ESG Frontrunners event on 25 April in Antwerp, discussing sustainability under EU regulations.

On 25 April, Antwerp, Belgium – An important meeting involving 25 leading organisations and companies took place at the AWDC building. This event, supported by the Flemish government, marked the first session of a four-part learning network dedicated to exploring the new EU Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulations.

The session began in a relaxed atmosphere, with participants initially introducing themselves and engaging in networking. It then progressed to a detailed explanation by Marijke Janssens, and Peter Wollaert from CIFAL Flanders, about the objectives and methodologies of working with ESG Frontrunners. This was followed by an intervention from Sofie Coenen, an expert from Pantarein Publishing, who primarily focused on providing an overview of European sustainability regulations, thereby enhancing the participants’ understanding of the regulatory landscape. Finally, Jeppe Remy, a representative from WAAK Maatwerk, shared his experiences with sustainability and EU-related regulations in an insightful interview.

A key aspect of the session was the vibrant exchange of knowledge among attendees. Discussions highlighted the challenges as well as the potential opportunities arising from the current regulations. These conversations clarified the areas that require more attention and the potential benefits of regulatory frameworks.


The ESG Frontrunners initiative, supported by the Department of Chancellery and Foreign Affairs of the Flemish Government, offers a structured programme to help organisations navigate complex European regulations like the EU Taxonomy, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDD). Hosted by CIFAL Flanders, this free programme aims to assist companies obligated by law or voluntarily striving to excel in sustainable practices.

The programme consists of four sessions led by experts from organisations such as Pantarein, the European Commission, and CIFAL Flanders. These sessions cover theoretical frameworks, insights, practical tools, case studies, and best practices to enhance regulatory compliance and leadership in sustainable transition. The programme is designed for companies of all sizes engaged with CSRD and supports flexible participation, allowing different employees to attend based on their interests.

What are the next steps?

The next session is scheduled for 30 May and will specifically focus on navigating sustainability within the framework of the EU Taxonomy, aiming to deepen the understanding of this critical tool for sustainability.