On 25 April, Peter Wollaert, Managing Director of CIFAL Flanders, hosted a significant workshop on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the Irish College in Leuven. This session marked the conclusion of a visit to Belgium by MBA students from Brunel University London.

The workshop focused on integrating SDGs into business strategies, offering the students practical insights related to the businesses they had visited during their trip. It aimed to deepen their understanding of sustainable business practices and encourage critical thinking about how companies today are approaching sustainability.

MBA student Trinh Huynh appreciated the session, noting: “This workshop was helpful, and it was nice to have someone from UNITAR CIFAL Flanders give us firsthand knowledge about critical debate and how to incorporate these goals.”

The event connected theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, providing a comprehensive view of sustainability challenges and opportunities in the business world.