Sustainable waste management of great importance in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

On Thursday November 19th, CIFAL Flanders organised a training on the UN Sustainable Development Goals at Indaver, the vision and principles and the means of implementation.

“Indaver wants to show her commitment for a sustainable waste management to her customers and all other stakeholders. The new SDG’s of the UN are a good framework to further develop our CSR- approach and the way to show our European and more and more worldwide engagement. That’s why we have set up a partnership with CIFAL Flanders. We have organized a first successful Action Learning on 19 November 2015 and have foreseen together with CIFAL Flanders a even more thoroughfull approach in 2016.”

Jos Artois, Corporate Communications Manager Indaver

Content of the training

The training seminar was organised in an interactive setting. It was aimed to adress questions as

  • What can Indaver do to encourage sustainable development?
  • How are ethics and sustainability concretised in the strategy of Indaver?
  • What are the priority SDGs for Indaver?
  • How do the SDGs relate to the sustainability objectives of Indaver?
  • What can Indaver do to implement the SDGs?