Antwerp ITCCO was founded in May 2012. On Friday 10 July 2015, Antwerp ITCCO was officially recognised by UNITAR, the Geneva-based training and research institute of the United Nations, as ‘CIFAL’, a fully-fledged UN training centre. The external name of Antwerp ITCCO is CIFAL Flanders.

CIFAL Flanders is recognised as a Foundation of Public Utility by the Royal Decree of 26 April 2012 with the company number BE0845.946.106.

A Foundation of Public Utility (fondation d’utilité publique of stichting van openbaar nut) is a legal form that is intended to implement a purpose of a philanthropic, philosophical, religious, scientific, artistic, educational or cultural character.

The goal of the foundation, as stipulated in our bylaws, is to promote, advance and support: (i) the principles, development goals and research findings of the United Nations; (ii) the guidelines and initiatives of international and multilateral institutions; and (iii) accountability, transparency, communication and stakeholder engagement, in the areas of sustainable development, (business) ethics, corporate social responsibility, good governance and social solidarity.

UNITAR and its CIFAL centres such as CIFAL Flanders do not receive funds from the United Nations. CIFAL Flanders is a financially independent organisation. The financing of the CIFAL training centers are based on project subsidies and incomes for offered trainings.

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